Auditor Management

What is an Auditor Management System?

An Auditor’s office Management system is a solution that helps to streamline the administrative work in an auditor’s office. It keeps a record of clients and office work.  All the records can be maintained through this solution and make the office almost paperless. Different types of filter reports will enable the auditor to get any information regarding his office work and clients on finger tips. This solution is a network enabled one that can work in a network. This enables all the office employees to work simultaneously.

Auditor’s Office management System Keeps Track Of:

  • Client Database summary
  • Document Checklist
  • Attach Document
  • Details of I.T. returns filed/or not filed on any given date
  • Bill Generation and Record of receipts and  outstandings
  • User creation for office Employees with restricted  rights to access parts of the system by administrator
  • Employee office work Assignments
  • Appointment Details
  • Visitors Details
  • Inward Register Details
  • Employee Task List
  • Payroll section


For each and every section of the system reports can be generated like the following.

  • Clients list
  • Employee Attendance
  • Salary details
  • Appointments
  • Telephone call Registrar
  • Income Tax returns filed and not filed reports
  • Client specific document check list
  • Employee performance report
  • Visitors report
  • Inward register report
  • Client bill of fees summary reports
  • Employee task feedback report


Apart from the above mentioned features, depending on individual requirements customization is possible. In short the office management can be streamlined through this simple but powerful solution.