Herd Management System

What is an Herd Management System (Dairy)?

Whether you are in it for the profit, the pleasure or a little of both, the survival of your cattle operation hinges on your ability to make good decisions. And good decisions start with good information. Does your current record keeping system give you access to what you need, when you need it? Is it accurate?

Thus, simple, easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective herd management software would greatly aid the manager of an organized dairy farm to make decisions based on real-time data as well as to analyze various parameters instantly, thus greatly increasing managerial effectiveness and profitability, and enabling him to manage larger herds. It is, therefore, imperative that leading veterinary institutions in India take the initiative in developing and popularizing herd management software.

Herd’s management System Keeps Track Of:

1.   Breeding
2.   Sire Index
3.   Pregnancy diagnosis
4.   Calving
5.   Milking
6.   Preventive health care
7.   Treatment
8.   Management operations
9.   Milk disposal
10. Feeding
11. Human Resource
12. Economics


Apart from the above mentioned features, depending on individual requirements customization is possible.
In short the herd management can be streamlined through this simple but powerful solution.