Chicken Processing & Retail Sales

Processing & retail sales system is specifically designed to record all the transactions and activities involved in a processing plant.
Right from purchase/transfer of birds broilers farms, culled and then sold to the outlets, every detail is collected, processed and stored in database. Also timely reports can be generated so as to know the transactions in detail.
Processing and retail sales Keeps Tracks of

  • Chicken processing details
  • Category wise processing details
  • Weight loss details
  • Yield percentage details
  • Sales details
  • Outlet wise sales details
  • User cash handover statements
  • User cash handover report
  • Price details
  • Price variation details
  • Physical stock taking details
  • Portioning & Reprocessing

Account Section

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Ledger & COA List
  • Journal Register
  • Purchases, Sales
  • Payment Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Purchases, Sales
  • Payment Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Journal Voucher

Inventory Section

  • Birds
  • Chicken items
  • Consumables


  • Record all chicken processing details-Category wise.
  • Simple forms to record day to day activities like Weight loss, sales details etc,
  • Yield % is automatically calculated.
  • User cash hand over reports.


  • Instant cost reporting.
  • Easy recording of production activities.
  • Easily assess the status of all outstanding activities from one central location.
  • Take rapid corrective action where tasks are missed or performed incorrectly.
  • Increased accuracy of traceability.
  • Increased control over materials used during production processes results in improved cash flow.


Helping in Managing accounts of all sectors in poultry farming process and give you a picture of financial health of all sectors. This module allows you to track down all the transactions happening and plan future transactions to be done.


  • Sector wise profit & loss, and cash flow statements.
  • Track down expenses incurred in farm during any span of time.
  • Individual cost centre wise accountability.
  • System alerts on arrival of credit term given to customers.
  • Can analyze financial status of company day trade payables and receivables.
  • Customer wise sale rate analysis as well as supplier wise purchase rate analysis.
  • Balance sheet, trial balance, ledger balance at any span of time.


  • Ageing analysis lets you due days of receipts from customer
  • Can cut down extra costs by cost centre wise cash centre wise cash out flow.
  • Supplier wise purchase rate analysis helps you in analyzing which supplier can supply raw material at profitable price.
  • Allocate financial resources to sectors based on current trade receivables, trade payables, Assets and Liabilities.
  • Inventory “Check Out” and “Check In” logging to specific tasks, improves accountability and allows flexible control of inventory.
  • Easy logging of “evidence of consumption”


  • Increased control over inventory allows the business to reduce inventory waste and misappropriation; and improves profitability.
  • Enhanced inventory control allows the business to better manage the quantity of materials on hand, resulting in improved cash flow.
  • Rapid access to levels of production inventory on hand at any time; at each site and storage location.
  • Easy re-ordering of inventory.
  • Store managers are alerted when items need re-ordering.

Reporting & Analysis

Easy and instant access to reporting Access business wide reports which allows user to customize reports as per requirement.


  • Potential problems in the production process can be identified before they reduce poultry yield or quality; improving business profitability.
  • Alerts management of any budget overruns which allows more confident purchasing decisions by management.
  • Quality reporting allows identification of potential staff training requirements, or process change requirements/corrective actions.
  • Sales analysis gives management business intelligence that highlights profitability based on better sales decisions, or future production decisions.


Implementing Processing & retail sales system results in higher profit for the business; by providing

  • Comprehensive cost control
  • Profit enhancement
  • Traceability management
  • Materials management and production activity management
  • Optimized Profit & Losses
  • Inventory Control

Why Tulasi Technologies!!!

  • Track of Daily Transactions
  • Digitalization of Manual Entries
  • Computerized streamline of accounts
  • Production cost analysis
  • Futuristic Budget Planning
  • Accurate Profit & Losses
  • Inventory Control
  • Outstanding Payables & Receivables
  • Employee Tracking
  • Quick Decision Making
  • Instant reports and customization
  • Top Class Services