Our Methodology & Approach

A structured methodology is followed to achieve the clients’ objective. We always follow three phases in reaching the client’s objective.

Planning Phase
The main motto of planning phase is to understand desired output expecting by client.This will be achieved by having more sessions with clients in planning phase. Once we understand what exactly client is looking for we will frame a concrete plan to achieve the desired output in specified time frame. A day to day plan with the involved departments and accountability from our end will be prepared and posted to the client for approval of plan. We always accommodate buffer days for every module or every phase to handle the unavoidable delays or manual lagging in. Once the whole plan is approved from both ends it will be proceeded by Implementation Phase.


Implementation Phase

Implementation phase is the most important phase of our cycle. Implementing things according to plan prepared in planning phase. The constant review of progress in implementation phase will be done and the plan will also be amended according to the progress. The client will be well informed about the progress and changes in implementation phase with the help of a tracker. A team with hierarchical structure will be implementing the phase and interacting with the clients in respective hierarchy. We will be always having an alternate plan for handling if the current plan seems unpractical. Implementation phase will be locked off only after approval from all departments or people involved.

Fine Tuning Phase
This phase is just like adding salt and pepper to soup. Once the project is implemented some customizations as per the top level management will take place during this period. This is the final phase and Knowledge Transfer(KT) will also be done to the representatives of respective departments of the client company. The whole phase mostly comprises of improving Business intelligence techniques discussion with the client. We conduct an acceptance level check during this phase and asses complete acceptance level report with the client and accordingly do the necessary steps if required. Based on the acceptance level we plan our Customer support and be informed the support team about the type of service client is required.


Customer Support
Our customer support bench is one of the major strengths of the company. It earned more accolades from various circles of the clients. We have uncompromised customer support and reach to the customer as per Service Level Agreement(SLA) with the client. Support team will analyze the nature of client and his understanding levels along with his final motive before catering the services. Our customer support team approaches no two clients in the same manner we always customize the way of support with the case studies of clients which adds comfort and perception to the client.