One of the major issues today is the marketing of eggs; either the concerned boards nor the individual farmers are able to say on the price, it is only the traders who are ruling the roost. Bigger or smaller, layer farmers have to always think for retail marketing, as most of the farmers are located… Read More

Gone are the days when people would stand outside for work in and around poultry farms. As on date most of the farms are running on 75% of the work force, the other employees feel the burden and they too in a long run will be looking for the other opportunities. In the below paragraph… Read More

Be it Asia, America, Africa or rest of the world, poultry farmers & poultry integrators dread when they hear the word FLY. As such we do not have an immediate solution for controlling flies as the fly breeds very fast in temperate climate. Few of the techniques for fly control Biological control – Bugs that… Read More

Now is the time when we need to re think our strategies going forward. Never ending upwards trends of maize & soya, fly problems & labour issues. In the last six months except a month (july) we have never seen price of egg & broiler above Rs3/Kg and Rs .65/Kg. As most of our farms… Read More