Breeder Management System

Our Breeder Management Software keeps track of different parameters which are crucial for poultry management, such as feed intake, bird body weights, mortality, production forecast, and batchwise performance.

You can get access to all production details and make comparisons on real-time with respect to productions, hatching eggs, and Inventory.

Keeping Track of Breeder operations for male and female broiler breeders

Management of Breeder
  • Manage batch performance and egg production planning for breeders.
  • Manage daily performance and complete cycle of production, egg production and bird sale
Manage Chicks procurement
  • Purchase of male / female chicks
  • Receiving Chicks
  • Chicks Shed Housing and brooding process starting.
Daily Brooding Management
  • Management of daily activities for brooders, collect details of the batch for parameters like feed intake, water intake, medicine, vaccine consumption. Mortality, Egg Collection, Egg Grading etc.
Batch performance Analysis
  • Our Software gives batchwise performance report which has analysis based on cost incurred and eggs collected.
  • Breed-wise performance and batch-wise performance
  • You can keep track of your daily production, get graphical representations regarding the variation in production based on which you can even forecast productivity and performance.
Feed Management
  • Total feed consumption and cost
  • Manage inventory with costs with our software transfer requests.
  • It gives exact cost and quantity of feed consumed and inventory details.
Management of Egg collection
  • Enables Egg collection data and generate reports and batchwise performance reports.
  • Manage egg grading as per category like Hatching eggs, cracked eggs, leak, table eggs etc
Poultry management software for Breeders Keeps Tracks of
  • Hen house production and standards
  • Vaccination Schedules
  • Shed(House) Details
  • Flock Details
  • Daily Flock entry Details
  • Mortality Ratio
  • Production Details
  • Feed Production Unit Details
  • Purchases and Sales Details
  • Medicine and Vaccination Details
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