Broiler Management System

Our Broiler Management Software is capable of managing all the activities in your broiler farming anytime, anywhere with deep insights to maximise profits.

Our product offers insights of all the broiler farming activities such as monitoring of Supervisor, Farm performance, Birds Liveability, weight gain, feed conversion and cost per kilo

Our Software is a Cloud-based and is easily accessible from your desktop and mobile devices including offline capabilities to prevent data loss due to hardware failures.

Poultry management software for Broilers Keeps Tracks of
  • Farm, Shed and Flock Details
  • Flock Wise Vaccination & Vaccination Schedule
  • Daily Entry & Reports
  • Mortality and Production details
  • Finalization & Bird Transfer
  • Feed consumption and stock Details
  • Week wise Report
  • Flock-Wise Performance
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Thoughtful Design

Our responsibility and thoughtfulness is best in class for our product design and product architecture.

Well Crafted

The product is very well constructed with a strong domain knowledge.

Easy to Customize

Our Product is easily customisable according to the needs of our clients.