Mehandi Industries

Continuous management of Quality in finished goods is the key to success in highly competitive Mehandi industry. SMOC (Stock Manger on Cloud) has a tailor-made module for Mehandi Industries with default processes of Mehandi Industry.

Quality of natural raw materials available are not uniform so achieving uniform quality in Finished Gods is mainstay of this business. SMOC plays a vital role in helping to track the quality parameters. The other crucial element is pricing of product in competitive environment, SMOC helps you to reach out accurate cost of Finished goods in order to give insights on margins of the product. Dedicated module is also available to track down activities in retail market to study demand of the product along with competitor study and feedback of consumers.

  • Accurate cost price and margins of Finished Products
  • Tracking of process loss of raw material and production efficiency
  • Hassle Free Material Requirement Planning
  • Super stockist and Distribution Management
  • Tracking of Secondary Sales Activities
  • Mobile application for Sales team to keep track of their day-to-day activities
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Order blocking on credit limit/days violation
  • Recipe management and Production Planning
  • Demand forecast
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